Off to the Lodge

Two years ago I had the immense privilege of meeting Bob Goff and his family at a remote lodge in the British Columbian wilderness.  His family and a few friends pampered us for three days, smiling the whole time like it was their life dream to cook for us,  make sure we had enough coffee and snacks, and clean up after us.

At first I thought, OK, they’ve gotta be faking it.  No one is this happy about serving people. But then I remembered how I felt whenever I served dinner at St. Francis Dining Hall in Portland during my senior year in college.  I couldn’t stop smiling.  I had kind thoughts towards everyone.  After one trip a guy friend puzzled over why I looked so different.  Was I wearing make-up?  Umm, no.  Had I just had a facial?  No…

“Well, your face is  glowing.”

“Oh.  Really?”

I’m sure that’s how Lindsay and Maria and the rest of the crew will be looking when we get up there.  And I can’t wait to see them and hear more of their stories.


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