Helpful Writing Blogs

Several weeks ago I wrote about some of my favorite writing books.  Today I’m including some of my favorite writing websites and blogs.  Because, you know, it’s helpful to learn from other folks.  Especially those who have been doing this for awhile.

It seems like everyone knows of these ones, but that’s because they’re good:

Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers

Chip MacGregor, Literary Agent-at-large

Rachelle Gardner, On LIfe as a Literary Agent


Some blogs that provide great advice on the craft of writing:

Linda Joy Meyers, President of the National Association of Memoir Writers (a GREAT, mostly free, resource)

Martha Alderson, Plot Whisperer  (Development of Plot and Structure)

Women on Writing

Writer’s Digest


And lastly, some helpful author blogs I found through twitter:

Jody Hedlund, Author and Speaker

Lyla Campbell, Engineer posing as a writer…or a writer posing as an engineer?


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