Why You Should Still Give to BLJ

Initially I didn’t really understand why Don and Steve were trying to raise even more money to Save Blue Like Jazz than the amazing $125,000 that was raised in 10 days.  But then a guy named Patrick Pelham, a documentarian exploring faith, art, and you know, the meaning of life, contacted me to say he was interested in hearing my take on the campaign and why the movie should be made.  I was forced to think more about the movie and why it mattered, and I landed on something that really excited me.  I totally agree with Don and Steve  that having enough money to make a better movie and to pay people and all that is important, but there’s one main reason I want to see the campaign reach $200,000:

I want Blue Like Jazz the movie to reach a wider audience than the book.

I love the idea of God using all of us not only to save the movie, but to tell this story more broadly.  I want to see this story and this movie make headlines.  I want non-Christians to sit up and take notice of why so many people have reached into their pockets to make it a reality.  And I want the people who have never heard of Blue Like Jazz to pay attention to this story that I think God is delighting to write through all of us.

You should know that this is the first time I’ve been interviewed on camera about anything, and it’s pretty weird to see myself up on Youtube trying to put my sentences together and make sense.  If you want to watch, here’s  a link to the video Patrick posted over on Youtube.


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