Take Me to The Symphony

I don’t write poetry, but then I wrote this piece in prose, and it just seemed so much better this way.  Forgive the funky construction, I don’t really read poetry, either.

Whatever I listen to today makes me want to cry.

You were there, and then you weren’t, and usually,


I forget, and just get on.

But not today.

Today I want to scream.

I am open, laid bare, and everything is discordant, overpowering,

a hard metal band in a crowded bar.

I am standing in the middle of the stage,

between the drums and the bass,


My face is red, my throat raw.

But everyone thinks it’s just part of the show.

The louder, the better.

With every pound of the drum my skin buzzes.

I want this energy, this release,

but I want to leave the chaos here.

Take me to the symphony,

I want to sit between the violins and the cello.

And when I feel the waves move through my body,

when all I can do is yell and let the tears stream down my face

I want it to be music, too.


5 thoughts on “Take Me to The Symphony”

  1. Beautiful work Penny. You might consider writing poems in addition to prose. I wrote this in Feb. 2010 during a wintery season of my soul. It’s interesting how your metaphor of a symphony parallels the weather in my mind.

    Gazing out the window
    Soft, light snow falling
    Reveals inner storm
    Peace from without, come in

  2. Sally Lloyd-Jones once asked my friend what she did. My friend said that she wanted to be a writer. Sally questioned her again, “Do you write?” My friend replied that she did but not to the level that she wanted to. To that, Sally told her that no matter what level, if she wrote, that made her a writer.
    So in the same way, I think you need to remove your disclaimer at the top of your post. You do write poetry. This might have started out as prose. It might be your first poem. But it is poetry. It is also beautiful and spoke to me right where I am.
    Thanks for posting it. I needed to hear it.

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