Review: Reluctant Pilgrim by Enuma Okoro

You know those books that help you to feel less alone? I love them…and I’m pretty sure I have lots of company.

Writing one of those books, though, is really hard work. The vulnerability that comes across the page and hits you right in the gut (in the best way) can be excruciating to write. Writers fend off the constant questions as they put pen to paper: What if I really am the only one? What if everyone thinks I’m weird or selfish…or boring?

Thankfully, Enuma Okoro is anything but. She has fought that battle and has a book to show for it. Her memoir, Reluctant Pilgrim, A Moody, Somewhat Self-Indulgent Introvert’s Search for Spiritual Community (she had you at the title, right?), is brave in its subject and above all, approachable…which is saying something, since its overwhelming subjects are death, grief, and healing. Or, at least, those are the themes that stuck out to me. Okoro is honest with her doubts and struggles, and not at all annoying as she celebrates her growth. You come to believe by the end of the book that you, too, could become someone who deeply believes the promises of God, and could talk about them without being cheesy, just like she does. We need more writers who show us this path, more pilgrims who aren’t afraid to ask these kinds of tough questions. Thankfully, more and more of these kinds of books are coming out. And as far as I’m concerned, Okoro’s is one of the better ones.


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