Under the Leopard Umbrella

No one, I’m sure, thinks I could possibly be neutral about the topic of Blue Like Jazz. I’ve had the privilege of being a part of the project from the get-go.

I saw the final cut last Thursday and was so impressed with the way they pulled everything together. With the voice-overs added, the storyline was vastly improved and I came away feeling I could understand, even relate to, Don’s story of rejecting and then embracing his faith. And man, it was funny. Even the second time.

I love the movie, and I love the way Penny is portrayed. I am nowhere near that virtuous, but it was really cool to see a character with so much heart and passion for worthy causes, and for people, too. I feel super honored that Don and Steve and Ben put God’s heart for justice in a character named after me.

I got the chance to see Don for a few minutes before the film began and we even snapped a photo. I was laughing hard at the ridiculousness of it all…I would make a terrible actress. But the picture came out alright. I may just put it on my desk next to the photo of Don and I and two friends protesting the run-up to the war on Iraq. Don and Penny, Ten Year Later.

After the screening Steve Taylor told us that without a great turnout opening weekend it will not make it into more locations the following week. So if you have any inclination to go, buy your tickets for April 13th. You won’t be disappointed. And come back and tell me what you think. I’ll be attending the premiere in Portland, and maybe even tweeting it. We’ll see, I may be starstruck the entire time, incapable of coherent speech, never mind tweets.


7 thoughts on “Under the Leopard Umbrella”

  1. Hi Penny. Just thought I’d let you know I still check in here from time to time to see what you’re thinking and writing. I was sure that this year- our sabbatical year in Canada- would somehow find me serendipitously cruising the west coast and sitting down for tea with you, but alas, it looks like it won’t happen. Don’t suppose you’re cruising through Manitoba any time soon :)? I hope you’re doing well, enjoying your two little-big ones, and still writing lots (when do we see a book??). Enjoy the film premier- how very fun. I hope I get a chance to see it. Love from way up here…Kirsten

    1. Kirsten! I would have loved that!!!! I am doing well, and happy to hear you are, too. Maybe someday I’ll make it to Nairobi……. Until then, sending you hugs from afar.

  2. Oh, I love that picture of you and Don so much. Really touching, that it’s real life people. You guys. I loved the movie too. Really pushed my “religious” buttons and made me think about how some people out there see Christians. So powerful. Recommending it. And so glad you were there to live it out in person with Don, and leave the legacy for all of us.

    1. Thanks Sarah! It was so fun. I hope we see more of Don’s thoughts on the big screen at some point. Thanks for reading….

  3. Loved the movie! We went to see it opening night here in Okc, and I thought it was awesome. Don Miller’s books have made me laugh and cry and rethink my life and the way I view God and it’s changed me. So I was pretty excited when this movie came out and I wasn’t disappointed. And this pic is super cute. 🙂

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