Penny is a writer based in the Pacific Northwest whose work has appeared online and in print, including Relevant Magazine,  the Burnside Writers Collective, and several book-length anthologies.

Penny came to writing as a way to explore and share her mother’s descent into mental illness and resulting homelessness.  After many failed attempts by her family to help Judy cope with schizophrenia, Penny’s mom was sent to Western State and from there, to the streets of Seattle. Judy lived in shelters and spent many hours on the buses and in the libraries of Seattle, relying on the goodwill of the many charitable organizations that gave her a place to sleep every night. In 2002 Penny returned to Seattle and began having lunch with Judy every week. They kept this schedule until Judy was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2012. Judy passed away in 2015 at the age of sixty.

When Penny’s not writing or reading you can find her digging in the dirt, walking the dog, and scooting around the neighborhood with her kids.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I look forward to readying your book about your personal journey! Mental illnes is a subject few are willing to talk about, and yet many are affected by… especially when it involves their parents.

  2. Great article Penny. I too am a daughter of a mother struggling with mental illness and have been waging war on my own battle against the disease for many years. I look forward to seeing your work and how you dealt with the subject.

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